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Riitala Index was an outfit dedicated to playing Riitala's tunes. The music varied from rock to pop to groove to fusion to even plain weird occasionally... anyway, we definitely tried to focus on the more commercial side of the material so it is entirely possible that even some normal people might have found the delivery appealing.

Riitala Index
in reverse alphabetical order

  • Markku Tuomi drums & percussion [top middle]
  • Kim Sjöholm lead vocals, guitar [top right]
  • Jari Riitala bass, vocals [bottom right]
  • Jaro Julkunen keyboards, vocals [bottom left]
  • Pete Kilpi lead guitar, vocals [top left]


Jari still plays in Oktoplus and Lazybonez and wherever.
Jaro commands funky organ and groovy Rhodes also in Umpisouli and
Lazybonez, again.
Kim and Pete are famous from Heavenly Groove and Pennejä taivaasta (which employed Jari as well
 it's a small world, apparently).
Pete is also running his own band Kilpi and Kimi was the major force behind Lemmenkipeet, both really operational in the Finnish music scene, albeit the latter has practically folded.
Markku plays probably in half of the bands in Turku area, including HG (also PT at the time) with Kimi and Pete above.


  • Laura's and Jaro's pre-wedding party

Audio Samples

We never got to recording the performances so there exists no audio material of the band playing, which is a bit of a shame.

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