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Every respectable WWW page has links to some obscure places by the byways of the information superhighway. I gotta have some, too. Unfortunately link collections do have a tendency to render themselves outdated fairly soon so despite my best effort (which may not be always that good in matter that require constant tending) some of these links may point to black holes in the cyberspace.

Music Discussion Lists

JustJazz discussion list for jazz makers
The Bottom Line discussion list for all bass freaks

Music Archives

Leo copy of the Lyrics Server even though the UWP Lyrics Server was closed down there is a copy of at last most of the stuff in LEO
-- lots of lyrics to more or less popular songs
The ChordPro guitar archive lots of tab (yuck!) and lyrics with chords NOT FOUND

Instruments And Other Musical Equipment

M. V. Pedulla manufacturer of some of the finest basses available (I'm just a happy customer)
VS-880 Resource Page links and user-base support for a most cool digital recorder, also a mailing list available

Music Lessons

AirGuitar your first air guitar lessons

Music Bass Magazines

Bass Frontiers Online  
Bass Player Magazine  
Keyboard Magazine ...oops
Anil Prasad's INNERVIEWS® interviews of many fine artists, for web surfers only

Links To Music Links

Music Resources on the Internet more links than I got


MidiOx    "The world's greatest all purpose Midi utility" they say... not far from truth and it's free!

Music Machines  
The MIDI Farm  
MIDIWerks MIDI Page  
SYNTH ZONE midi resources & synthesizer sounds list
ManyMIDI Products & Services Page  
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