Bass Guitar Percussion Synths Studio Computer Bass

6 Strings

  • Ibanez SR-506

5 Strings

  • Pedulla PentaBuzz Signature fretless
  • Ibanez K-5

  • Warwick Fortress One
  • Ibanez Soundgear SR505, now stringed EADGC with a Hipshot bass extender key

4 Strings

  • Fender Precision Special w/ EMG pickups, PJ configuration and Hipshot bass extender key
    -- the old work horse, the paint has gone from my playing (well the original paint job was clearly bad too...)
  • Warwick Corvette Standard 4 w/ Hipshot bass extender key
  • Ibanez Roadstar w/ EMG pickups, at the moment stringed as a tenor bass (ADGC)
  • Variax Bass 700
  • Steinberger L2
  • Ashbory bass

Amps and Cabs

  • Trace Elliot AH-200
  • Trace Elliot 1084 4x10 cabinet
  • Hartke 3500
  • Hartke 2x10
  • Hartke 4x10
  • SWR LA 12


  • Bass POD
  • Akai SB1 Deep Impact bass synthesizer
  • Boss OC-2 Octaver (the classic) & AW-3 Dynamic Wah & CE-2B Bass Chorus & BF-3 Flanger
  • Boss ME-8B Bass Processor
  • Fulltone Bass-Drive
  • Digitech Digidelay & Bass Synth Wah
  • Behringer Bass Limiter Enhancer, Instrument/Amp Selector, Bass Graphic EQ & Preamp Booster

  • MXR Bass Auto Q
    MXR M-188 Bass Auto Q Auto Wah Pedal
  • Boss ME-50 Bass Processor

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