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Discography: Internet-Based Compilations


Magnetic Filings: Acid Rain Expected, Imperventus

Chris Iverson:

My current favorite on the tape is Jari Riitala's "Acid Rain Expected". That piece has style! It has a real good feel, especially considering the time signature of 9/4. A real toe-tapper...

Cecilia Tan:

Jari Riitala ACID RAIN EXPECTED-- this is in 9/4? I was totally oblivious to that fact. I just thought it was really good for toe tapping.

Nick Rothwell:

Jari's stuff is very nicely arranged. Imperventus keeps jumping from style to style schitzophrenically, which makes it a real blast. I'm particularly impressed with the percussion work since it sounds like somebody's really playing the drums. The D-110 drum sounds aren't that realistic, so this is quite an achievement.

(to be added)

Sub-Culture: Blue Room

The Songs Of The Big List(s): If You Want Me

Doug Robinson (this guy is a Pro with a capital P, check him out!): "Professional sounding backingtrack. WAY too much reverb on vox. Good bassplaying! I've heard his other music, and I think the odd time signature stuff is more compelling. Nice BG vox."

Shredmistress Rynata: "Nice everything , drums, vocals (very smooooth), keys, guitar yeah - top 40 material - bass a "tad" too boomy perhaps, depends on the playback system - drums could use a small variation from the pattern from time to time - nice Fender Rhodes sim - I not sure I'm crazy about the particular reverb effect used on the vocals - but all in all, preeetttyy nice...."

polito: "Clean up some of those background vocals man and you have a timeless classic here."

Victor Paul: "Boz Scaggs comes to mind. Also Al Green. This is really well done. Again I was fooled into thinking that this was a band, but it's just one guy. Amazing. Real nice vocals. Top notch guitar solo. I wanted the end piano solo to keep going. Very impressive. My compliments."

Thomas Lundstroem: "Very nice, smooth stereo-mix. Vocals maybe a little louder. No guitars here, right?" [only seven!] "Very nice piece of work, neighbour."

The Fab(ricated) Four: Hey Bulldog

Solo Piano Comp: Theme From My Pencil

Guitar Gods: Bitter, Sweet & Sour

Amazing Grace: Amazing Grace

Songs Of The Big Lists 2000 Together Again: "Mine All Mine"

Songs Of The Big List(s) 2001 A Digital Odyssey (2002) "Say It Again", "Collaboration" with Bill Lieske

Remembering Badfinger (2001) "Name Of The Game" (Pete Ham)

Dan Matovina, the author of "Without You: The tragic story of Badfinger":
"Name of The Game" was a innovative version, as greatly re-configuring a classic is often the best way to pay tribute to an almost perfect original. Really enjoyed that.

95BPM - A Big List Compilation (2002) "Speed Limit"

VS-Planet Compilation III (2002) (see VSPlanet Compilation CD Projects) "Soul Healing"

Dan Barnes (VS-Planet Planetoidal One / Artist # 20, Member # 7):
15. Soul Healing - riitala
Masterfully performed, and recorded song. Very soulful. Consummate B3 sound.

Blabber Fingers (VS-Planet Planeteer, Member # 786):
riitala ~ Soul Healing
Well it's about time this kind of song showed up on the Compilation. You need that sound in there. Otherwise . . . .
Groove. Groove a mile wide. My woman of the moment is swaying to this one. Good sign.
Very good vocal there. You must have sung professionally? I don't know much about you . . never seen you at the Planet .. my fault.
Cool organ bits. What kind of keyboard? The Leslie effect is bang on. Sounds like you got your Hammond chops well together some time ago.
Backing vocals are superb . . . is that all you? I don't know what else to add except that I want to hear a lot more of what you have to offer . . . is that a real fretless bass, or a keyboard?

Soul Healing
Still love that Hammond sound. Nice.
Great groove. Sweet. Lush. Low. Down.

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Pressed For Time (Time Stands Still) (2002) "Waiting In Blue"

120 Beats Per Minute Another Big List Compilation (2004) "Substantially Altered State", "Skeery Jazz", "120 Fruitcakes"


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