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Alesis D4
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Here is a collection of MIDI-related software written (mostly) by me during the years gone by. The programs are sorted by the MIDI equipment they are related to. Most of the software do not have proper documentation (see the source code!) but the user interfaces attempt to be self-documenting, i.e. run the program without parameters and it will introduce itself. Some of the stuff is also unfinished skeletons.

There are also a few templates for the Hybrid Arts' generic editor/librarian GenEdit 1.1 (Hybrid Arts went belly up and their sequencing software family Edit/Sync/SMPTE Track was continued by Barefoot Software but I do not know about GenEdit). There is also a version 2.0 in existence; these templates may or may not work with it. If anyone finds out, please tell me too.

Most of the executables are for the trusty old (and by now nearly defunct) Atari ST. However, the source code is in most cases written in C (GNU C claims to be ANSI compliant but there might be some ST specific header files) and should be relatively easy to port since these programs do not use the ST GUI but rely on the standard, ugly command line interpreter interface. The only problem is the MIDI interface (and also some low-level IO routines) which will have to be totally rewritten but these have been encapsulated in my object library JJRlib, also downloadable here.

I am also in the (extremely slow) process of porting the most important stuff to Windows (or DOS, depending on the functionality needed). When/if I get something done I will add the results here. If you do any porting please notify me.

The software is freeware but not in the public domain. You can freely use the software (but I would like to receive a note if you find something to be useful). If you use any part of my code I require that you recognize my copyright by stating it in the user interface and source code in a similar way than yours. Click here for the license note included in the zip files.

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