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D-70 GenEdit organizing configuration A GenEdit organizing configuration for the D-70 (ST).
No docs (sorry) but it works similarly to the configurations provided with GenEdit.
configuration file
3 kB
Sysex Helper
A sysex send utility for Windows (16-bit Visual Basic code). Supports currently only D-70 (plain sysex, my Atari ST GenEdit organizing config and MidiQuest group file) but there are further plans...
Docs are still missing (sorry) but the usage should be quite obvious. You can try the D-70 factory patches from
the Roland website (note that the factory setup has sysex reception disabled so you will have to enable it again by hand).
Written with Paul Messick's MIDI Toolkit (take a look at
Win executable
84 kB
(besides this zip file will need vbrun300.dll; you probably already have it in your \windows\system folder but if you don't, it can be found most anywhere)

source code available some day?

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