Discography – Compilations

Reflections On Metal (2008)

Reflections On Mjetal– “Welcome To Reality”
– “Oddity” (Bill Lieske) with Bill Lieske
– “Epilogue” (Victor Paul & Woody Hill) with Metal Head and The Button Pusher

Compsucker Blues (It’s Only Rock& Faux) (2007)

Compsuckers Blues– “As Tears Go By” (Jagger – Richards)
– “Ruby Tuesday” (Jagger – Richards)

Operation Jazz (2006)

Operation Jazz– “Inner Eyes” (featuring Antero Salonen)

Assignment: Bob Dylan (2005)

Assignment Bob Dylan– “Maggie’s Farm” (Bob Dylan)
– “All Along The Watchtower” (Bob Dylan)

120 Beats Per Minute – Another Big List Compilation (2004)

120 Beats Per Minute– “Substantially Altered State”
– “Skeery Jazz”
– “120 Fruitcakes”

Pressed For Time (Time Stands Still) (2002)

Pressed For Time– “Waiting In Blue”

VS-Planet Compilation III (2002)

VS Planet Compilation III– “Soul Healing”


95BPM  A Big List Compilation (2002)

95 Beats Per Minute– “Speed Limit”

Songs Of The Big List(s) 2001  A Digital Odyssey (2002)

A Digital Odyssey– “Say It Again”
– “Collaboration” (Bill Lieske) with Bill Lieske

Remembering Badfinger (2001)

Remembering Badfinger– “Name Of The Game” (Pete Ham)

Songs Of The Big Lists 2000  Together Again (2001)

SOTBL2000 Together Again– “Mine All Mine”

Amazing Grace (2001)

Amazing Grace– “Amazing Grace”

Guitar Gods (2001)

Guitar Gods– “Bitter, Sweet & Sour”

Solo Piano Comp (2000)

Solo Piano Compilation– “Theme From My Pencil”

The Fab(ricated) Four (2000)

The Fabricated Four– “Hey Bulldog” (John Lennon – Paul McCartney)

The Songs Of The Big List(s) (1998)

The Songs Of The Big Lists– “If You Want Me”

The Bottom Line Tapes Volume III, Sub-Culture (1996)

Sub-culture– “Blue Room” (Oksala – Riitala) with Oktoplus

Magnetic Filings: The Emusic-l Compilation Tape, Volume Two (1991)

Magnetic Filings Vol. 2– “Bay6’N More”
– cover art

Magnetic Filings: The Emusic-l Compilation Tape (1989)

– “Imperventus”
– “Acid Rain Expected”