In 1979 I managed to manipulate my parents to buy me an electric organ. That was a key to the wonderful world of music and a big bunch of bands, listed below, in roughly chronological order – lots of overlap makes the chronology quite ambiguous.

1981 – 1983NightmareFirst band; at first playing organ, then changed to bass in the next incarnation of the band.
1983 – 1986India Fall Rock in Finnish.
1983 – 1986Le CardinalBlues, Rhythm’N’Blues, Southern Rock.
1986 – 1988Southern BackyardLe Cardinal shrunk and changed names and then grew again, progressively changing styles as well, eventually to funk/soul.
~1987-1988(?)“Eija and the Boys”An officially unnamed vocal jazz project with my former music teacher Eija Lappalainen (voc), Pasi Lehti (gtr) and Vesa Koskelainen (dr) from Southern Backyard. Had a gig or two.
Petri Haapasalo (keys) joined later.
1988 –LazybonezSouthern Backyard changed its name to something pronounceable (but not writable as evidenced by the numerous misspellings on gigs).
1988 –OktoplusProg-pop-rock-weird in Finnish.
1990Alaston haaveProg-pop-rock-weird in Finnish, different from Oktoplus but very much out of the mainstream just as well. I was recruited to replace their deceased bass player but the band folded fairly soon.
1994 – 1995FunQTwoFunQTwo played a few funky cover gigs.
1998 – 2000Riitala IndexAn attempt of playing my songs.
2001 – 2003Tomo Goes Groove /
Tomo Big Band
Tomo Goes Groove (funk and rock with the Tomo Big Band horn section), also some gigs with the regular big band: Duke Ellington’s Sacred Concert (on guitar) and some latin stuff conducted by Carlos del Puerto (back to bass).
2002 –Intergalactic Huso Orchestra (IHO)Fusion jazz seen from the rock perspective
2003 – 2005E.N.E.Jazz standards, funk and especially latin jazz.
2004 – 2005Jastam KastamOrgan rock jazz group put together for a recording project.
2005 – 2014HitmenA party cover band quartet/quintet.
~2008(?)Groove MFExpanded Hitmen meets Tomo Goes Groove.
2009 – 2017Top3A classic rock party cover band founded to study the classic trio format.
2009 –Susi hukassaMostly acoustic cover band, not so much founded but put together for a gig (and lasted quite a few of them).
2015 –BossalinoJouni‘s (Oktoplus) bossa project.
2016 –Jimbo’s GarageA hard rock project run by Jimbo from IHO/Oktoplus.
2018, 2022, 2023Spiders From MalmiThis incarnation of the band put together for two gigs of David Bowie’s music, me on keys and guitar.
A new version (keys only) in 2022 and a slightly revised one in 2023.
Here’s a video from the 2023 gig: Rock’n’Roll With Me
2018 – 2020Moonstone A party cover trio.
2019 –Fig FableI joined to complete the reborn Fig Fable Mk II and soon started writing music for us as well.
2020 –Nova/RiitalaDuo with Fig Fable singer Lubena Nova, founded to feast on the songs unsuitable for Fig Fable.
2020 –Mosaic DaysJonne‘s studio project.
2021 –Laura ja luuseritOriginally Timo‘s and Laura‘s studio project but grew into a live band, with me writing some music too.
2021 – 2022“JTM”JariTeemuMoilu, an officially unnamed trio format study with me on bass and all vocals.
2023GroovMoA short stint as the bass player of a cover band doing a little fancier songs than usually.

..And a fair number of temporary one-off subbing gigs and unnamed bands aside all this. Plus a few projects that never made it to the gig or music release state.