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Kimmo Pörsti: Wayfarer (2020)

  • Composed two tracks (Thunkit and Witch Watch) and played bass, guitars and keyboards on them

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There are a bunch of reviews here and there but these ones especially mention yours truly.

Instrumentalisteista ja säveltäjistä nostan esiin Jari Riitalan. Hänen käsialaansa ovat levyn kaksi selkeimmin jazzrockiin kallistuvaa biisiä ”Thunkit” ja ”Witch Watch”. Ensimmäisessä, huimasti kiitävässä melodisessa instrussa Riitala ja Dave Bainbridge nostavat kitaroillaan ja koskettimillaan vuoronperään kierroksia – soundimaailmaan haetaan innoitusta ihanalta 70-luvulta. Mainio veto, jonka kuvittelisi livenä toteutetuksi, jos ei muusta olisi tietoa. Jälkimmäisen biisin rennossa, Marek Arnoldin sopraanon vetämässä groovessa viihtyy siinäkin.

Pekka Koskivaara (Retrokkiblog)

Jenny Darren comes in to provide vocals on the not particularly notable Morning Mist a ballad with some pleasant instrumentals, but who’s main purpose on this collection seems to be to step away from what has preceded it, as Thunkit breaks into frenetic jazz-rock featuring coruscating guitar and keyboards from Dave Bainbridge (Iona, Lifesigns, Strawbs).

If Southern Cross is mostly worth staying with for the extended keyboard workouts from Jaime RosasWitch Watch is back to jazz-tinged rock, Marek Arnold’s saxophone sparkles like champagne, cutting away for a funk-soul piano theme as though the Average White Band or Steely Dan had joined the jam, all the while Jari Riitala‘s bass hums sublimely and is deservedly thrust into the spotlight for a short solo. 

Andrew Cottrell (Background Magazine)

It also proves to be a perfect resting point after the exquisite Thunkit, which is an absolute highlight on the album. Full of energy and a bursting, summery vibe it is an oasis of refined interplay between guitars (Dave Bainbridge and Jari Riitala) and keys (again Bainbridge), spurred-on by virtuous drumming from Pörsti. In full swing, it flows through divine movements reminiscent to The Flower Kings and Journey in their pre-Perry, jazz-rock influenced period. A majestic track where everything gels and holds an irresistible charm.

This same type of charm, although this has to be seen from a different perspective, can be sensed by the melancholic vibes I get from Witch Watch. The jazzy intonation, through it’s alluring saxophone melodies, is great, but it’s the piano parts, the smoothly-natural shifts and the low-key drum part interactions that provoke precious memories of Fats Domino, and magically takes me right back to 1980 and his Sleeping On The Job era, encouraged by Riitala’s playful bass parts. A wonderful feeling.

Jan Buddenberg (DPRP.net)

The flavour of the album changes with the uptempo blast Thunkit, vintage keyboards and synth lines intermingle with harmonised guitar. Nice to see Kimmo cutting loose, and a great solo section courtesy, once again, from Dave Bainbridge. Another great instrumental is the jazzy Witch Watch, which took me back to Kimmo Pörsti’s days with Mist Season, here with some impressive bass, keys and guitar from Jari Riitala, and topping it all off Marek Arnold’s tasteful soprano sax.

Bob Mulvey (The Progressive Aspect)

“Thunkit”, is full of spirit, dancing guitars, deep bass and pounding drums that just drive the fast – paced melody onward. A very cool, jazzy instrumental.

Professor Mark (Progressive Rock Central)

Excellent guitar and organ highlights “Thunkit” followed by the title track […]

With five more tunes to explore and over seventy minutes of music, Wayfarer will no doubt feature prominently on my ‘best of’ list at the end of the year. 

Jon Neudorf (Sea Of Tranquility)