Jastam Kastam

The Story, in ShortJastam Kastam

Jastam Kastam started from Sakke and Jastam having some some extra studio time. Sakke approached me in the spring of 2004 with the idea to put together a organ jazz-rock band to use up that time, and after initial test rehearsals I brought in Teemu from Intergalactic Huso Orchestra to fill the guitar chair.

Next we needed some music to record. Sakke and Jastam had drafts for The Heads Roll and AFD; I got heavily inspired by the project and  wrote the rest in a rapid burst.

By the time we were ready, the originally promised time had however evaporated. Regardless, we decided to continue and make the record ourselves and set up the recording equipment in the Lazybonez rehearsal space, already suitably padded with acoustic treatment. After overdubbing, mixing and finally mastering (courtesy of Steve Thornbrugh) we had a full album in our hands… and then we did not bother releasing it – until 2014 when it found its way into Spotify, iTunes and Deezer  as a digital release via Music Kickup.


Pekka “Jastam” Qvist – organ, keyboards
Teemu Mäkinen – electric guitar
Jari Riitala – bass (& additional guitars on the album)
Sakke Koivula –  drums & percussion


Kein Jazz Organ (2014)

Jastam Kastam - Kein Jazz OrganSolarium / Jive Hand / The Heads Roll / Hippie Flashbacks / Mamacita / Beware The Organ Grinder / Neo / AFD (Aim Farther Down) / Car House

All titles by Riitala except The Heads Roll and AFD by Koivula–Qvist–Riitala

Spotify, Deezer, iTunes

Kein Jazz Organ is also for sale as a digital album in Bandcamp.