Reflections On Metal

A Biglist/Nexlist Compilation

Conceptualized, compiled, produced, managed, cover-arted and whatever by Jari Riitala.

Reflections On Mjetal

To prepare for this compilation, the artists were given the title and instructed to explain how their entries relate
to it, with additional guidance that “metal” does not by any means need to refer to the musical genre. The rest
was up to them.

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This semi-thematic album is a brilliant effort of a talented and creative bunch, a magnificent display in how different people have responded to a common phrase, with their output varied in both style and content.
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1.     The Problem / Brian McLeod 3:41
2.     Dreams / Lew Sheen & Skip Stutler 4:36
3.     Metal Max Epstein / Oy Vey Malmstein 3:05
4.     Things I Could Have Said / Jim Giberti 3:31
5.     Oddity / William F. Lieske with Riitala 3:31
6.     Chillin’ / Ken Totushek 3:01
7.     Saint Stephen’s Day (On And On) / Westside Steve 4:08
8.     You Know… / Eugene Maslov Trio 5:48
9.     Welcome To Reality / Riitala 5:17
10.   Frankenstein / The F´Old 4:38
11.   Hidden Eyes / Mitch Harris/Children Of Fortune 5:28
12.   MicroMetal / Carl Chimi 2:23
13.   Epilogue /  Metalhead & Buttonpusher vs. Riitala 6:00

Unfortunately I was not able to fit player information in the cover design from all the metal explanations, so I’m listing it here for everyone’s
inconvenience and annoyance.

The Problem
Recorded October 12, 2006 @ LoudMac Music, Miami, FL
Drums recorded August 2006 at 42nd Street Studios, Ft. Lauderdale. FL
Produced and mixed in Digital Performer 5 “In The Box” by Brian McLeod
All guitars & bass one take via PODxt
Drums sliced and diced from the Lee’s Day song “Wanting In”.
Ronald Reagan appears courtesy of U.S. Dept. of Poetic Irony

Metal Max Epstein Medley
Mike Fishell: mandolin, guitar, bass, tambourine
Kelvin Ammons: drums, percussion
Ron Fink: accordion, organ
Kathy Fink: clarinet
mastered by Joe Clarke

William F. Lieske: saxes
Jari Riitala: guitars, bass, drum programming

written, performed and recorded by Ken Totushek

Saint Stephen’s Day (On And On)
Brian McLeod: guitar solo
WSS: everything else

Welcome To Reality
Riitala: vocals, bass, guitars, keys, drumsHidden Eyes
Mike Barton: drums
Mitch Harris: everything else

Metal Head (aka Woody Hill) – electric lead guitar (PRS)
the Button Pusher (aka Victor Paul) – accoustic rhythm guitar (Guild)
Jari Riitala – bass (Ibanez K5), electric rhythm guitar (Variax 700), various soft synths
Copyright©2007 V Paul & W Hill

The other tunes were not explicitly credited but mostly no doubt performed by their respective authors.

Should any non-participant wish to get one, they are still (just about infinitely... :)) available at $10.25, including postage to any reasonable
location. Just email me and we’ll discuss.